Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Out of Thin Air – collaborative and solo work 憑空而來—個人及合作畫展

Out of Thin Air – collaborative and solo work

Carol Archer 區勵志

Exhibition Opening:
Saturday 27 February, 3:30-5:30 pm

Exhibition dates:
27 Feb – 28 March, 2010
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

30 April – 13 May, 2010
Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou

Brief Description of the Exhibition:

The works in this exhibition are part of two larger series, both of which are ongoing; namely, the Reciprocal Interference/互涉 project and Time with the Sky/與天共度的時光. The Reciprocal Interference project consists of two-person collaborative works by Carol Archer and artist-friends Sue Rawlinson, Sue Taylor, Johanna Trainor (Australia), Mary Grehan (Ireland) and Even Mak (Hong Kong). The most recent phase of the Reciprocal Interference collaboration includes the production, by Taylor and Archer, of a series of postcard-works, which incorporate addresses, postmarks and stamps. The Time with the Sky series of charcoal and watercolour drawings was begun during Archer’s residency at Bundanon (Australia) in July 2009. Solo works, these pictures of sky framed by the uppermost branches of trees, are destined to contribute to a cross-disciplinary collaboration with poet Christopher (Kit) Kelen. Both series came out of thin air: Reciprocal Interference works-in-progress were airmailed between collaborating partners in Hong Kong, Macao, Australia and Ireland. The Time with the Sky works are inspired by the big Australian sky, and the eucalypts that stretch up toward it. But the exhibition title Out of Thin Air is also ironically intended, because seemingly unpredictable aspects of the two series are in fact the result of sustained thought, effort and dialogue, as well as conducive circumstances. Each series has evolved through conversations that take up questions artistic, literary and scholarly in nature. Out of Thin Air is an exhibition that foregrounds collaborative creative processes.

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